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I love seeing how God works to bring people together — especially soul mates. Josh is from England and Victoria is from Kansas City. Two places that are VERY far from each other. 😉 But by “coincidence” (or rather, God’s sovereignty), Josh met Victoria’s dad, Jeff, at a conference where Jeff found out that Josh […]

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I have always dreamed of photographing someone in a crazy amount of flowers. I just never thought it would be possible…I’d have to find a florist willing to create something dreamy, they’d have to be willing to spend their time setting it up, etc. There would be so much involved and who knows how much […]

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This beautiful 2020 fall wedding took place on a cloudy, brisk day in the country at Schwinn Produce Farm in Leavenworth Kansas. I love fall weddings in the country and Hannah + Ryan’s day is one I won’t forget.

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