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You guys. Ever since I got pregnant I was so eager and ready to start nesting and putting together my baby boys nursery! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get to doing that as soon as I wanted because this bedroom was currently being used as mine and my husband’s office/storage space while we worked on renovating our […]

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What a BLESSING to experience my own baby shower for my first baby. Wow. People’s generosity BLOWS me away… but what also blew me away was the friendships and support of all the people I hold dear. My Mom and sister’s hosted my shower at my Mother-in-Law’s home and it was just the sweetest, cutest, […]

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We have had a lot of things we have been working on this spring! I plan to share a couple of more that aren’t included in this blog post, but until then: here are some fun things we have been up to!

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Life feels full right now. I’m loving life with my hubs. Planning, dreaming and working on the dreams we have & enjoying and doing the simple things, too. I’m so excited about being in my 3rd trimester & before I know it, I’ll be holding my baby boy. Oh…and the nesting bug has hit me […]

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