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April 8, 2021

Lost In The Flowers


I have always dreamed of photographing someone in a crazy amount of flowers. I just never thought it would be possible…I’d have to find a florist willing to create something dreamy, they’d have to be willing to spend their time setting it up, etc. There would be so much involved and who knows how much it would cost.

Well, a few months ago my dreams became a reality. The florist I work for as their photographer/videographer said they needed me for a styled shoot for promo/updated website photos. It was to take place at The Abbott Event Space and there were going to be three models to work with. My jaw was literally on the floor as Jenni with Wild Hill Flowers and her team of ladies set up the space with just gobs and gobs of flowers, then seeing all the ladies come out in beautiful wedding gowns, hair and makeup. I was lost in the beauty of it all and the best part was being able to just do my thing, work with the models, and get beautiful images.

Here’s some gems I’m proud of from that day.


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