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Walter + Liz : A Barn Wedding

May 10, 2017


It was raining. It was pouring. It made that day anything but boring!

Okay, okay, I’m done with the rhyming! But it’s honestly the most accurate way to describe Walter + Liz’s wedding! They originally planned on doing an outdoor ceremony, but it poured and poured all day long, so they had to go with plan B (which was having the wedding indoors and it was beautiful!). You’d think that the weather would have dampened (HA – no pun intended) everyone’s spirits — but it actually didn’t! It was fun hearing the rain, and made for some funny times going in and out of buildings trying to endure or dodge the rain! Right after their ceremony, we had about a 30-45 minute window of no rain, which we took advantage of and got some beautiful portraits outdoors! Liz did such an amazing job planning her wedding — not only was it gorgeous, but Walter + Liz did their best to ensure a super fun experience was had by all their guests, and I just love that.

I got to work with some vendors for the first time and they were nothing short of amazing!


Sit back and enjoy a few of my favorites from that day.

It’s currently rainy and windy — so I thought it only fitting to blog this wedding. ;)

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