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Lathan + Katelyn : St. Louis Wedding

June 5, 2017


The Notebook doesn’t have anything on these two! You’ll find out why if you keep reading. :)

It all started in Freshman/Sophomore year of High School for these two. They secretly had crushes on each other, but had never talked.  Lathan was more of just Katelyn’s brother’s friend and she assumed he was too cool for her. They lost touch for several years and then got reacquainted when Lathan and her brother, Sean, ended up going to the same school and started riding together to class. Shortly after, Lathan became roommates with her other brother, Eric. Conveniently, Eric’s house was in the same neighborhood as Katelyn’s parents, where she was living at the time. She naturally made her way over there quite a bit to “see her brother”. During that time she started to develop pretty strong feelings for Lathan. She had a few dramatic, tear filled conversations with Eric about how much she loved Lathan’s heart, but never thought they would end up together. Well, unbeknownst to her, Lathan went and talked with Eric just a few days later asking if he could go on a date with Katelyn. Eric gave him the green light and the next day they had their first date. From then on they became inseparable. They were very smitten with each other from the get go and Katelyn knew she had found something in Lathan she hadn’t seen in anyone before. She told me “he was kind, sensitive, honest, godly, and goofy.” They dated for almost a year before Lathan asked her to be his wife. They went hiking in Castlewood Park and he popped the question on top of a really beautiful bluff (which they said was incredibly romantic!). It was forecasting rain that entire day, but Lathan was DETERMINED to propose to her that very day and hour. She tried to convince him they should go hiking another day, but he wouldn’t budge on his plans. When they got to the park, the rain had settled down and by the time they got to the top of the bluff, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It really ended up being such a perfect day and they both were just so excited to start planning their lives together.

Fast forward to May 29th, 2017. The two were wed outdoors at Quail Ridge Lodge in St. Louis, MO. We took pictures of the groom and groomsmen at Forest Park, and then the ladies arrived and we took photos of the bride & her bridesmaids. Before that weekend I hadn’t ever visited Forest Park — it was just BEAUTIFUL! Brad and I scouted the area the day before and I was confident we would have some beautiful backdrops to work with. Katelyn & Lathan saved their “first look” for the ceremony, but they had a prayer time together beforehand. It was right after this event that my husband and I noticed dark clouds rolling in — it was shocking to see, as it had been beautiful & sunny all day long with clear skies. It was only a few minutes after Katelyn & her dad made their way down the aisle that droplets of rain began to fall…and then bigger droplets…and then the wind picked up…and then the rain came pouring down! Fortunately, we packed a few umbrellas in our car, and before the rain came, Brad (my amazing second shooter/assistant) went to grab them — and he did it just in the nick of time! He gave one of our umbrellas to the bride & groom and held the other over my and the videographer’s head while we captured the ceremony. I’ll never forget looking back at Brad while he sturdily held the umbrella over my head — sacrificing his body in the pouring rain, wind beating against his eyes and face but doing everything in his power to ensure I got what I needed (people, I am a lucky woman!!!). Back to the ceremony: the couple made it through most of the ceremony with the help of the umbrella and some of their bridal party shielding them from the rain and wind as best they could. But before they shared their kiss, Lathan picked Katelyn up in his arms and whisked her away, running towards the indoor venue. The crowd couldn’t follow behind them fast enough! Everyone was soaking and laughing, and everyone seemed to have a great attitude! The weather didn’t ruin the bride & groom’s day but actually left them all googly-eyed. Katelyn told her mom that she thought it was sooo romantic that it rained during the ceremony (how awesome is she??). It really was romantic AND totally the Notebook in real life, people. It was probably 20 minutes after everyone got inside that the rain stopped, and a few minutes after that, the sun came back out! I took advantage of the clear skies and grabbed the bride & groom to take some photos outdoors. We then went back inside to finish up the ceremony and allow the bride & groom to share their kiss! Then the reception/party started!!

I am so thankful and honored to have been a part of such an amazing day for two amazing people. Katelyn & Lathan are so in love with each other & so passionate about the Lord — the joy of Christ just radiates so clearly through them and I hope and pray the Lord will bless their marriage.

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